It’s Time to Fix the Problem, Part II

It’s Time to Fix the Problem



In keeping with last week’s theme of … It’s Time to Fix the Problem, read yet 2 more interesting, disturbing, encouraging articles.  The first, as with last week’s articles was disturbing.  This was actually a post on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network.  The title of the blog: Talent Management: Boards Give Their Companies an “F”.

In a survey conducted with over 1,000 corporate board members across the globe, an overwhelming majority gave their companies an “F” for talent acquisition and development.  Corporate board members go on to blame the HR departments for this failure.  Additionally, corporate directors identified talent management as their single greatest strategic challenge.  We’ve seen this before.

Is it any wonder that 70% of workers today are disengaged!

The second article was quite encouraging.  It appeared in Advertising Age, Hiring New Talent: A Traditional Resume Doesn’t Always Cut It AnymoreWhile it was written from the perspective of and by an employee of a media agency, the concepts and ideas presented are applicable across all industries. 

The author lists 5 intangibles to keep in mind when hiring new talent:

  • Natural Curiosity:  Hire people with a desire to investigate, who are eager to learn from others across disciplines and are constantly discovering, creating and innovating.
  • Problem Solvers:   Hire people who can adapt quickly and change course to deliver smarter and more effective solutions.
  • Fun Under Pressure:   These people help create an atmosphere that encourages engagement, eliminates fear and produces better results.
  • Excellent Storytelling Skills:   Communication can be honed, to be sure, but basic skills must be there from the start.
  • Jugglers:  “Wanted – Multi-taskers!”

To this great list, I would simply add the 6th intangible – Passion.  Passion is taking the 5 intangibles to the next level.  To a level of excitement, enthusiasm and emotion.

There are some great ideas in this article.  I hope that everyone that reads this passes it on.  Pass it on to everyone you know.  It’s definitely time to fix the problem!!

Hire someone who is currently unemployed and I would bet they are engaged and exhibit the 6 intangibles!

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